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Reed Shaper

Reed made by KOR

Pictured is my reed shaper, named "KOR-shape", and a reed I made with this shaper. This shape is made by Georg Rieger and is available for the worldwide market.


The tip-width is the same as Thunemann's shape (15,60mm), however the blade narrows down towards the tube more gradually and further.


The tube itself is quiet narrow, and is inspired by Hombach's reeds from mid. 1990s. A really good and completely new Hombach reed, made in the 1990s, was sacrificed to make this. A Hombach-reed looks like this:

Since this shape helped me to make reeds more in the direction I'm aiming for shape-wise, then I wanted to make it available to those of you who might be searching for reed shape alternatives.

The KOR-shape is now also available at Reeds'N Stuff as a straight shaper:


Professional reedmakers who are selling reeds made with the KOR-shape:

Mykhalchuk logo.001.jpeg

Mikhalchuk Bassoon Reeds is selling reeds made with the KOR-shape!

"I love these reeds. I heard new colors on my bassoon."

- Sergey Mikhalchuk

1 reed = 15 Euro

Contact Mikhalchuk Bassoon Reeds

Anka Reeds Logo.jpg
Anka Reeds Cane.jpg

Anka Reeds (Lavoro cane) is selling reeds made with the KOR-shape!

"We can easily say that KOR shaper's most striking characteristic is its sweet, rich and sonorous sound in all registers. It also provides a great stability of intonation and elegant playing abilty..We highly recommend this facon primarily for principal and solo performers but also to all of our customers."

- Anka Reeds

1 reed = 12 Euro

Contact Anka Reeds

Anka Reed_edited.png

Holger Simon (bassoonist in Deutsche Oper Berlin) already have 450 customers all over the world, and he is selling reeds made with the KOR-shape!

"I tested the facon KOR, developed by Kristian Oma Ronnes and in my opinion it fits especially for a full sound of soloists or principal bassoonplayers. I like it very well and will offer these reeds to my customers."

- Holger Simon

1 reed = 14 Euro

Contact Holger Simon

Vienna Reeds.jpg
vienna reeds 2.jpg

Vladimir Kacar (bassoonist in Vienna and owner of Vienna Reeds) is selling reeds made with the KOR-shape!

"The sound is dark and round, not surprised that the hight register is superb."

- Vladimir Kacar

1 reed = 15 Euro

Contact Vienna Reeds

Vienna KOR.png
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