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KOR-Shaped Reeds

Mykhalchuk logo.001.jpeg

Mikhalchuk Bassoon Reeds is selling reeds made with the KOR-shape!

"I love these reeds. I heard new colors on my bassoon."

- Sergey Mikhalchuk

1 reed = 15 Euro

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Anka Reeds Logo.jpg
Anka Reeds Cane.jpg

Anka Reeds (Lavoro cane) is selling reeds made with the KOR-shape!

"We can easily say that KOR shaper's most striking characteristic is its sweet, rich and sonorous sound in all registers. It also provides a great stability of intonation and elegant playing abilty..We highly recommend this facon primarily for principal and solo performers but also to all of our customers."

- Anka Reeds

1 reed = 12 Euro

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Anka Reed_edited.png

Holger Simon (bassoonist in Deutsche Oper Berlin) already have 450 customers all over the world, and he is selling reeds made with the KOR-shape!

"I tested the facon KOR, developed by Kristian Oma Ronnes and in my opinion it fits especially for a full sound of soloists or principal bassoonplayers. I like it very well and will offer these reeds to my customers."

- Holger Simon

1 reed = 14 Euro

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Vienna Reeds.jpg
vienna reeds 2.jpg

Vladimir Kacar (bassoonist in Vienna and owner of Vienna Reeds) is selling reeds made with the KOR-shape!

"The sound is dark and round, not surprised that the hight register is superb."

- Vladimir Kacar

1 reed = 15 Euro

Contact Vienna Reeds

Vienna KOR.png
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