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Title: Baroque Bassoon Excerpts from all the cantatas by Christoph Graupner

Composer: Christoph Graupner (1683-1760)
Compiled by: Monica Fucci

Copyist: Enrique L. Moschella

Edited by: Kristian Oma Rønnes

Publisher: KOR Publications
Published: 2021

Price: €40 (PDF-file will be sent by email)

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Info: This book (pdf) include all bassoon parts from all cantatas by Christoph Graupner. Graupner wrote a large number of church cantatas, more than 1400. 128 of them got independent bassoon parts, and all these bassoon parts are included in this book. The book is 399 pages in total.

Monica Fucci, The Baroque Bassoon COVER

Title: The Baroque Bassoon / El Fagot Barroco

Written by: Monica Fucci

Topic: Baroque bassoon exercises and musical works

Publisher: KOR Publications
Published: 2020

Price: €25 (PDF-file will be sent by email)

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Info: "El Fagot Barroco" ("The Baroque Bassoon") by Monica Fucci is written in both english and spanish, and is covering essential baroque bassoon basics and techniques. In addition to scales and chords, several musical examples are included (duets). Among the pieces included are pieces by Masse, Erbach, Lidarti, Braun, Philidor, Dupuits and Boismortier.

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