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Title: The Expanded Bassoon Register

Written by: Kristian Oma Rønnes

Topic: Fingerings and explanations 
Publisher: KOR Publications
Published: 2019

Price: €35 (PDF-file will be sent by email)

English version:

Versión de “El Registro Expandido Del Fagot” en español:

Русскоязычная версия «Расширенный диапазон фагота»:


Info: "The Expanded Bassoon Register" contains fingerings for the highest register of the bassoon, and the lowest (down to contra Db). The highest note given a fingering here is the G8, a fifth above the highest note on the piano. This book does not only show the fingerings, but also explains how to play them. Among the topics discussed here are: reeds, leaks, bocals, embouchure, air, overtones, teeth, and more. 

PS. Please notice that this book shows all the special fingerings for the expanded register made by Kristian per today, 2019. This means there are still more fingerings to be discovered. It also includes several standard fingerings for the normal high register.