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Title: Symphony no. 25 (Kv. 183)

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

Arranger: Kristian Oma Rønnes

Instrumentation: 5 Bassoons & Contrabassoon
Publisher: TrevCo Music Publishing (USA) / KOR Publications

Published: 2016 / 2021

Price printed version: $48

Price PDF version: $48

Note:  This arrangement includes all the 4 movements from Mozart's Symphony no. 25, all parts and score. The pdf version is the same material as the original printed edition published by TrevCo Music Publishing in 2016, stock #1716. The pdf version, published in 2021 by KOR Publications, was done in agreement with TrevCo Music Publishing. 

Recording of the 1st movement "Allegro con Brio":

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